Can You Put A Turtle In A Fish Tank

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Advantages of Putting a Turtle in a Fish Tank

Are you a turtle lover that you are looking for a new home for your pet turtle? Did you ever consider putting it in a fish tank? If you are looking for a nice permanent place for your pet turtle, then you will most certainly put your pet in a fish tank.

There are several advantages of putting your pet turtle in a fish tank. Here are some of them that you have to know:

For the turtle’s (and your) safety

Many people would recommend that you should put your turtle in a fish tank. In general, turtles should not cohabitate with fish tanks because of the limited space in the tank. It would have been disastrous if a fish tank owner would have found out that a pet fish is missing because it was eaten by a pet turtle. With this thinking in mind, you should never put your pet turtle into a new fish tank and vice versa. You should not have your pet turtle and fish in the same small area. This makes it easier for your pet to survive.

Disadvantages of Putting a Turtle in a Fish Tank

You’ve heard that putting a turtle in a fish tank can be a bad idea. Well, in this instance, there is a lot of truth to that. It is extremely dangerous for both a turtle and a fish to be placed in the same fish tank.

Since turtles are cold blooded, they significantly slow down their activities during cold months in order to conserve the energy they need for survival. This is usually called hibernation. They also keep their bodies warmer in the tank. They can’t hibernate in a fish tank because the water temperature is not constant; it can become extremely cold in winter. When the temperature decreases, turtles die.

In addition, air-breathing turtles need to live in water that’s always exposed to air. When they spend too much time in water that’s covered, they can drown in the tank.

Smaller tanks can be appropriate for young turtles, but as they get bigger and start eating more, you may need to upgrade their tanks to larger tank sizes.

Best Turtles for Fish Tank

Choosing the right type of turtle for your home can be a little difficult. The internet is filled with facts, rumors, and inaccurate information.

If you have researched different types of turtle, you probably found there are a lot of species that fit into a pet turtle category. So how do you determine the right type of turtle for you and your family?

They’re so many awesome species to choose from that selecting only one is tough.

What turtles make good pets and which ones aren’t as good? Take a look at the information below.

You should consider the requirements of each species carefully and then find a turtle that best fits your family environment and meets the experience and skill levels of those you live with.

Turtle size is also an important factor. Turtles can get enormous in length and also in weight.

If you choose an incredibly long or heavy species, you might have trouble providing them with the space they need to enter and exit their tank and maneuver as they need to.

A turtle species that is just right for you and your family will allow you to enjoy years of therapy without overstretching your tanks capacity.

Can Fish And Turtles Be In The Same Tank?

It all depends on the food! Fish and turtles are both generalists who will accept a variety of foods during nonhibernating periods. This also means they will both be attempting to consume every other’s food.

If you do choose to keep your fish and turtle together, you’ll want to consider your turtle’s diet and be sure that the fish is not the main course on the menu!

In addition to the risk to your fish, you will also need to consider the conditions of your aquarium.

Can it hold both?

Many aquatic turtles grow large, reach up to 12 inches and weigh about 3 pounds. Large specimens can grow to be about 18 inches long.

This is considerably larger than the largest freshwater tank.

Does your tank have enough room for your turtle to comfortably move around as well as having a way for him or her to get out?

Is your turtle able to climb the glass?

What will you do if your turtle decides it wants to go for a swim in the middle of the night?!

How can you provide your turtle a secure place in the tank and give him or her plenty of Room?


Can You Put A Turtle In A Fish Tank?

Turtles make excellent pets. There is no doubt they are interesting creatures. However, it is not an easy process. If you have just started to research turtles, you will find that they are as diverse as dogs. There are many different kinds of turtles with their own specific needs.

They are cued to be kept in specific types of vases. A lot of people who think about keeping a turtle, just keep a US turtle in a fish tank or aquarium. However, this is a very big mistake!

Turtles and fish are not compatible. They simply are not meant to live together.

If you are planning on keeping a fish and a turtle together, you should know that most of the time your turtle will not survive.

As a beginner, you will be in best to start with a freshwater turtle in a large tank or a vase. Using a fish to help with nutrient, is not a good idea. And if you are reading this, it is because you are considering keeping a turtle in your fish tank.

Turtles are reptiles and hence need specific requirements. Fish are cold blooded and have specific requirements too. They are dry and will not tolerate wet conditions.

Really, turtles are not good beginner pets. Unless you start with the right information, you will never be able to take care of a turtle.

Recommended Reading

Turtles are one of the most commonly kept species in aquarium. But it is very rare to find a turtle that would willingly jump into your fish tank. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to catch a turtle and put it in a fish tank. Turtles like to hunt live fish, thus they will hunt your fish and eventually, kill them.

You can train a turtle to come up to you and let you hold it by providing it with a food reward. If you are lucky, the turtle would let you place it on land or some other place that is away from water. But it is highly likely that the turtle will enjoy a swim in your fish tank. Also if the tank is too deep, the turtle will drown.

This being said, it is probably a better idea to leave the turtles along, and plant them in a bigger aquarium that is filled with soil and allows them to dig in it. This way they can dig holes and build a burrow.

At the end, you have to also keep in mind the size of the fish tank and turtle. Big fish tanks are not suitable for small turtles.