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Did you know that turtles need to bask or sun themselves?

While most turtles like wet environments, basking is an essential part of a turtle’s natural life cycle. If they are deprived of basking, they get sick, become lethargic, and can even die.

Turtle basking platforms are specially designed to meet the needs of the species and are excellent additions to turtle tanks.

If you have a turtle or are thinking about getting one, you should consider getting a turtle basking platform from our review below.

Most of the best basking platforms for turtles are very similar, but there are a few key differences you should look at before purchasing the right one for your turtle.

Turtles need heat so they can digest their food and later digest it so that it can be absorbed into their bodies. They need to bask in order to be able to digest their food.

It is essential to a turtle’s health that they have a basking platform that is specifically designed for their needs.

In this comprehensive guide on the best turtle basking platforms, you will learn everything you need to know about buying the best one for your turtle.

Zoo Med 78098 Turtle DockBest OverallZoo Med 78098 Turtle Dock
Penn-Plax Reptology Floating Turtle PierBudget PickPenn-Plax Reptology Floating Turtle Pier
Penn Plax Turtle Tank TopperUpgrade PickPenn Plax Turtle Tank Topper

1. Zoo Med 78098 Turtle Dock

Our rating: 9 / 10

Zoo Med 78098 Turtle Dock

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  • Includes an azimuth joint that allows the platform to be positioned in multiple directions
  • Features a heavy-duty foundation that is able to support up to 50 pounds

Your turtle loves basking so much that he spends most of his time out of water. He has access to a large area in the water to swim, but he is very picky when it comes to the basking platform. To make it comfortable, you need more than just a rock, and that’s where this platform comes in: it’s the first thing in the list of the top turtle basking perches.

This great turtle dock is equipped with heavy-duty legs attached to a heavy-duty foundation. The best thing about this is that you can place it almost anywhere in the tank, in any direction you want.

The top platform is large enough for the turtle to move around a little bit. It also provides an incredible amount of space for your turtle to return to his home after he is done taking in some sunlight. It also comes equipped with multiple suction cups, so if the turtle tries moving it around, it won’t be able to do that.

2. Penn Plax Turtle Tank Topper

Our rating: 9 / 10

Penn Plax Turtle Tank Topper

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  • Made from safe and non-toxic materials
  • Resists stress cracks, warping, and peeling
  • Can be used for sensitive environments such as easy-bake ovens, hot sunlight, high temperatures, play rooms, and nurseries; makes a perfect turtle basking platform
  • Encourages exercise for your pet
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors


  • In some cases, the product has arrived without its decal
  • Some customers have complained of foul-smelling glue

The turtle basking platform will help maintain the healthy turtles and turtle basking platform, will be maintained. The turtle basking platform is totally safe for your turtle and makes sleeping without causing any harm to your turtle. The use of the basking platform is very easy.

The turtle basking platform is easy to clean and has been made up of a material that is not only non-toxic, but also makes it sturdy. It is easy to lock in place and the rubber feet help to keep the rubber safe from any scratches.

3. LaBrinx Designs Narrow Hanging Turtle Ramp

Our rating: 8 / 10

LaBrinx Designs Narrow Hanging Turtle Ramp

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  • Manufactured from highly durable plastic
  • Available in 4 sizes to accommodate most turtle's basking needs
  • Including suction cups for traditional mounting or mounting to the wall


  • Creates a moist cave that could potentially encourage bacteria growth
  • May scratch turtle's shell if used on other than a glass aquarium
  • May not be as sturdy as some pet-owners may prefer

The LaBrinx Designs Basking Ramp is a highly versatile option to use as a basking platform for many different turtle species.

It includes a non-skid tread which will help prevent slipping if the turtles decide to walk on it.

The triangular shape of it makes it simple to use as a ramp for a wide variety of different turtle species that aren't quite big enough to use it as a basking spot.

4. Penn-Plax Reptology Floating Turtle Pier

Our rating: 7 / 10

Penn-Plax Reptology Floating Turtle Pier

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  • Won’t mar aquarium’s surface
  • Turtles are less likely to climb out of their tanks
  • It has an attractive design
  • It retains water temperature for your pet better.


  • Needs more of an undercoating to be truly stable
  • Some turtles won’t want to use it

If you currently have a turtle that’s always tumbling into the water, you might want to consider getting it a basking platform where it can lounge in the sun and get out of the water to avoid pneumonia.

This basking platform comes from Penn-Plax, a brand that specializes in making accessories for your turtles.

In terms of convenience, it’s lightweight at only a few pounds. It’s easy to set up and allows turtles to climb on and off as they please.

5. Exo Terra Turtle Bank Magnetic Floating Island

Our rating: 7 / 10

Exo Terra Turtle Bank Magnetic Floating Island

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  • The turtle basking platform can handle approximately 6.6 lbs
  • The floating turtle basking platform is an ideal choice to be used in larger water basins


  • The basking platform is not suitable to be used in a turtle tank that has a capacity of less than 100 gallons
  • This is the ideal basking platform for turtles that bask on the surface

This floating turtle basking platform is ideally designed for use in water basins that have a larger capacity, and it can be easily placed on the surface.

This turtle basking platform helps to provide a comfortable and ideal basking location for your turtle. It supports the substrate and aquatic plants and it can be easily placed on the water surface.

You can easily set it up in the water basin that already has a large size and you can relocate a water pump from the bottom to the surface. It has a capacity of approximately 200 gallons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it normal for turtles to sleep basking?

Yes, turtles sleeping basking is a completely normal activity. Wild turtles will bask for eight to ten hours a day to regulate body temperature and, occasionally, to absorb UV for vitamin D.

In captivity, and when fed a proper diet, turtles only need to bask a few hours per day to get the UV they need. If your turtle sleeps for longer than twelve hours at a time, you may want to consider lowering the temperature of your tank. This is especially true when you are using a UV light.

When turtles sleep basking, they do not initially fall asleep. For a period of time they will appear as if they are fairly alert. There may even be signs of stress on the shell, such as ripples or full-on webbing. Eventually, the turtle will begin to yawn and will slowly start to lay on its back.

How do you make a turtle basking platform?

There are several different turtle substrates that can be used to make a turtle basking platform. Some of them are very easy to make and the turtles seem to enjoy them, while others are best left to the professionals.

The most basic turtle basking platform is one made out of just a slab of flat concrete. The advantages to this design are a very simple setup with very little cost.

The disadvantage is that turtles can develop sores or foot infections from overusing the same area of poorly vented concrete. Also, turtles don’t always go to the same spot to bask so the size of this type of surface would need to be fairly large.

Next, there is a type of faux-basking platform that is made by stacking rocks that are both large and smooth.

What temperature is best for turtles?

Turtles are reptiles which are cold-blooded. They depend on the environment around them to control their body temperature. In the wild, this means a designated temperature range (often it’s the temperature range of their native habitat) that the turtle or turtle species must maintain in order to survive year round.

In captivity, often that means the temperature needs to be maintained all year long on both ends of the spectrum.

Of course it’s wise to choose an appropriate place to care for the turtle. Hotter areas can have basking lamp setups. You need ocean sand and water but will need to choose whether you are using a freshwater turtle or a saltwater turtle.

What should I put in my turtle basking area?

Lighting: The majority of turtles require UVB lighting to live properly. UVB rays are necessary for the creation of vitamin D3, which is essential to proper shell growth, proper lung function, and the absorption of calcium.

This means that you should not place your basking light or heat lamp directly over your turtle’s basking area. Instead, place them perpendicular to the area, at eye level. This will allow your turtle to receive the full amount of UVB light, while s/he is not directly exposed to the heat source.

At night, your turtle will live in a different environment than during the day. You will want to use a red light during the night to help your turtle reset his/her circadian rhythms.

Equipment: Assuming that you will be living indoors, you have plenty of options for indoor equipment for your turtle. Heating pads are a fantastic choice that will definitely provide adequate heat.


This list of the best turtle basking platforms will provide you a wealth of information to make an informed buying decision.

We want you to avoid buying a turtle basking platform that’s not right for your turtle. So after doing our research, we’ve concluded that the SunSun Outdoor Waterproof Floating Turtle Basking Platform is the best floating Turtle Basking Platform (2022).

In this guide on the best basking platforms, you’ll find comprehensive reviews based on their features, pros, cons, and prices.

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