The Best Tortoise Water Dish: Buying Guide & Reviews

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The exotic pet industry is increasing and so are the amount of tortoise pet owners. Although tortoises make great pets, there are a couple of things that you need to consider in order to help your pet feel more secure and be healthier.

One of these is choosing the best tortoise water dish.

By doing this, you can help your tortoise hydrate more regularly and prevent impaction, a serious and potentially fatal health condition. Impaction happens when solid food or liquids build up in the gut and cannot pass through the intestines.

So, how do you choose the best water dish for tortoises? The first step is to decide the shape and style of dish that you want to get for your pet. After that, what are the other factors you need to consider?

In this buying guide, we’ve included everything you need to know to find the best tortoise water bowl for your pet like what to think about when choosing a water dish and how to choose the right size of the water dish for your pet.

We’ll also highlight some of the best tortoise water dishes currently available on the market, with variable prices and functions.

So why wait any longer? There are tortoise water dishes out there waiting for you to choose the best one for your pet.

Exo Terra Water DishBest OverallExo Terra Water Dish
Zoo Med Combo Reptile Rock Food and Water DishBudget PickZoo Med Combo Reptile Rock Food and Water Dish

1. Exo Terra Water Dish

Our rating: 9 / 10

Exo Terra Water Dish

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  • Durable design
  • Big enough to hold enough water for two or three days

The Exo Terra Water Dish is designed for Desert species of Tortoises. It has a raised central area to keep the water out of the dusty bedding material and create a dry area for the Tortoise to be able to retreat to if necessary.

The Exo Terra Water Dish comes with two solid lids; one is a drinking lid and the other one is a dome lid which also be used to cover the water dish when not in use. This product is made from sturdy plastic and has two mounting holes for the easy installation. It’s also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

This is one of the pricier options but you will get a good investment by spending your money on this product as it works well and can last for a long time. The Exo Terra Water Dish is a top pick from us in terms of the best tortoise water dish.

2. Zoo Med Combo Reptile Rock Food and Water Dish

Our rating: 8 / 10

Zoo Med Combo Reptile Rock Food and Water Dish

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  • Large enough to hold a suitable amount of water for the species listed on the tank
  • Plastic material is both easy to clean and doesn’t absorb much heat from the room
  • Moderate size makes it an ideal fit for a terrarium with a screen lid
  • Outward shape makes it easier for turtles and tortoises to climb in and out
  • Suitable for wide variety of pets

Larger animals have an easier time accessing the top of the tank with a water dish with a raised edge. Smaller animals can access it from the side. Overall, it’s a good fit for just about any small or medium-sized reptile.

Keeping your fish tank water warm enough is the most important aspect of keeping fish. Many fish, from discus to catfish, have special requirements that need to be met.

If your fish tank becomes too cold, your fish will not be able to thrive, and may die.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best enclosure for a tortoise?

Tortoises are awesome pets. They are interesting to watch and easy to care for. If you look after them properly you can enjoy them for over 30 years. Aquariums and fishtanks won't do for your tortoise because it needs more space. That’s why a good enclosure is essential.

Sadly, many tortoise cages are too small to keep your tortoise happy. It needs to be able to get in a restful posture at all times. Also, if you live in a warm climate and the air temperature in your house is around 80F (27C) or higher, an appropriate enclosure is essential to help your tortoise stay cool.

In this guide, we'll talk about the specifics of what makes a good tortoise cage and we'll review some of the best options currently available.

Should I give my tortoise water?

·Yes. Herpetologist have no doubt that the main water source for your tortoise should be his water dish. In a natural habitat, tortoises get their high water intake from the plants and other things they graze on through the day. However, in captivity, the high water intake is mainly provided by the water in the tortoise's dish.

·Even if you live in a warmer climate, it is still good practice to give your tortoise water. Though tortoises can handle higher temperatures (which is where they can be kept outside in warmer climates), they still need water.

·Turtles need water year round. In their natural habitat, wetlands and swamps provide the water they need. In captivity, you need to provide a water source.

·It is very important to provide your tortoise with plenty of clean water. They will not drink water that isn't clean. Pet stores sell bottled spring water that is perfect.

How often should you clean a tortoise cage?

Turtles and tortoises have a fairly simple care regimen. There are four main things to keep them healthy and happy: light, water, heat, and food.

The cage should be moved under a natural light source for roughly 10 hours a day. Tortoises need UV light to process food in their bodies. Without sufficient UV light, they will not be able to properly absorb vitamins from their food.

Water. Tortoises do not drink very much water. They take in water through their food and from the humid atmosphere.

Tortoises need heat. They need to be kept at the temperature of the room or a bit warmer. If you decide to buy a tank heater, make sure your tank is the right size. A tank that is too small could overheat quickly. While buying an enclosure, keep in mind that if the temperatures outside are below 60F, you need to keep the tortoise inside.

Why do tortoises poop in water?

Okay, yes, that’s an odd question. However, it’s one that is often asked because tortoises’ habit of depositing their waste in water can be seen as strange.

The most likely answer to the question of why they do this is a mental one, similar to why cats cover their waste in litter or dogs do the same in grass or dirt. Instead of covering the waste like a dog or cat will, the tortoise seems to prefer depositing the waste in a place where there is a higher likelihood that he or she will come back to it. Since water can lead to algae growth, a tortoise's instinct may be to make sure the waste doesn't get covered in something else.


Yes, you need a water dish for your tortoise. You might think that this is a simple product, especially for animals like a tortoise or an iguana, but it’s not. There are some important things to take into account when you’re buying water bowls for a tortoise. These water dishes will help you make sure that your tortoise can stay hydrated throughout the day.

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Exo Terra Water DishBest OverallExo Terra Water Dish
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