The Best Reptile Thermostat in 2022: Buying Guide and Reviews

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If you own a reptile pet or a terrarium, it is important to keep the temperature controlled with the right temperature device. With the right reptile thermostat you can have more than just a home for your reptile.

The best reptile thermostat can be connected to the internet and allow you to monitor the temperature in your home. They can be powered by remote connection or solar energy. This means that you can get all the data you need 24/7 and deal with a reptile that is in distress before it becomes a serious problem.

However, not every reptile thermostat is suitable for every situation. There are a few main kinds of reptile thermostats which are detailed below. There is also a guide to the different features you should look for in a reptile thermostat and some of the most famous ones available for sale today.

Herpstat 2Best OverallHerpstat 2
BN-LINK Digital Heat Mat Thermostat ControllerBudget PickBN-LINK Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Controller
Vivarium Electronics VE-300 ThermostatUpgrade PickVivarium Electronics VE-300 Thermostat

1. Herpstat 2

Our rating: 9 / 10

Herpstat 2

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  • Small, compact size
  • Nice, clear digital display
  • Can be used for a variety of reptiles


  • Manual comes only in digital format
  • Cannot be used with heating mats

This is a great digital thermostat for the price range afforded to you. It is rather small and compact and can be not only used on tanks that house reptiles, but also for tanks that house fish.

It features a relatively nice digital display and allows you to use a minimum and maximum temperature setting. It also has an alarm signal that lets you know when the desired temperature is reached. You can use this thermostat for a variety of reptiles.

Unfortunately, this thermostat does not come with a manual but only in digital format. This shouldn’t be a problem though, since it is very easy to use. Unfortunately, you cannot use it with heating mats. However, you can use it for a variety of reptiles and also one of the lowest thermostat settings recommended for fish tanks.

Our rating: 9 / 10

BN-LINK Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Controller

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  • Extremely well-made
  • Excellent product for low heat propagation
  • The display is very intuitive with easy-to-read temperature in celius or fahrenheit
  • Two-year warranty
  • Reasonable price


  • Some people reported the device stopped working after several months although most users reported it to be working just fine
  • Wiring for this thermostat may be a bit complicated than other models


This Digital Heat Mat Thermostat controller is a very good choice for hobbyists and enthusiasts. It has a great 2-year warranty and is listed for commercial use. It can be used to control temperature for many different applications such as seed propagation, reptile breeding and developing or growing/developing insects. This stands out as it can be used not only to protect your home from drafts but also as a breeding and cultivation station for your plants or insects. The thermometer and thermostat are made to function in very low temperatures. You can set the temperature to turn on and off at any degree that you need. After installation and some testing, you will see how helpful the digital heat mat controller can be for you.

You also have an option for a thermostat controlled heat mat controller. It has a temperature range from +5 to 72 degrees Celsius (41 to 162 degrees Fahrenheit).

3. iPower GLHTMTCONTROL 40-108 Degrees Fahrenheit Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Controller

Our rating: 8 / 10

iPower GLHTMTCONTROL 40-108 Degrees Fahrenheit Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Controller

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  • Perfect for heating any tank or container to the optimum temperature
  • Electronic digital thermostat that sets the temperature and maintains it
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can adjust the temperature within the range of 40 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy to use and install


  • Not as efficient on large tanks
  • Can be difficult to program in some cases

This little box may seem simple, but it can be incredibly beneficial to your reptile, whether it is for fermentation, seed raising, reptile and reptile keeping, or fish or reptile keeping.

This particular thermostat is perfect for use in tanks or containers that have heat mats and ensure that the temperature can be set and kept at a constant level. It will work with any heat mat that is around 8 watts or more.

With it, you will be able to adjust the temperature so that it is never too cold or too warm for your pets. As the temperature increases, the box will shut off the heat, ensuring that your reptile is always comfortable.

4. bayite Temperature Controller BTC201 Pre-Wired Digital Outlet Thermostat

Our rating: 8 / 10

bayite Temperature Controller BTC201 Pre-Wired Digital Outlet Thermostat

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  • Easy to use and program
  • Convenient for large reptile terrariums
  • Has a two-stage programming that allows precise control
  • Provides accurate digital control over temperature
  • Comes with a wall mounting design


  • Modern design makes it more costly than the typical reptile thermostat unit
  • It has a transformer that makes it difficult to place in small reptile tanks

The most notable feature of the Bayite BTC201 Temperature Controller is its two-stage programming. This kind of programming is crucial when you have a large reptile tank that needs precise temperature control. It also comes with a wall mounting design that allows you to place it anywhere in the room.

The Bayite BTC201 Temperature Controller is a digital reptile thermostat that makes it more convenient for you to determine the temperature of your reptile tank than using the typical thermostat units.

It is a two-stage digital thermostat that comes with a temperature monitoring feature. This way, you can monitor the tank temperature from a distance. It comes with a two-stage programming that has a maximum control of 50% to ensure temperature stability.

5. Vivarium Electronics VE-300 Thermostat

Our rating: 8 / 10

Vivarium Electronics VE-300 Thermostat

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  • Programmable on/off timers
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read display and back-lit LCD screen
  • Features an automatic temperature adjustment

If you are looking for a thermostat that will enable you to make your reptile’s tank setting more accurate, this is a great choice.

It is easy-to-install and easy-to-use. The digital thermostat provides accurate temperature control for your reptile’s tank. The easy-to-read digital display makes it easy to set temperature settings.

It has an automatic shut-off temperature adjustment that ensures your pet’s tank temperature stays within range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best reptile thermostat?

If you own a terrarium for your reptile, then you will likely want to install a thermostat to regulate the temperature inside the enclosure.

Obviously, you will want to keep the temperature inside the tank to the temperature that the reptile is used to living in its native land. Other than that, you also need to take into consideration the humidity levels that the reptile needs. Most reptiles need fairly high humidity or else they can experience problems with their shedding process.

Without a thermostat, it can be tricky to maintain the right temperature in the enclosure. A thermostat will balance out the temperature fluctuations that can occur at different times of the day and night. Furthermore, the reptile won't have to live in a constant climate of your choosing. It will be able to experience the temperature changes that it would experience in its wild habitat.

How do reptile thermostats work?

The thermostat is a device that measures the temperature in your habitat and makes adjustments to the power flow, thereby creating a desired temperature. The ambient temperature of your habitat will determine how often the thermostat needs to kick on to maintain the temperature you have set. If the temperature is set at 90 degrees and the current temperature is 85, it will kick on and turn the lights on in your tank.

The most common form of thermostat is the thermometer-style. Inserted into a tank, thermometer-style thermostats appear much like a fish tank thermometer, with a metal probe sticking into the tank. Probes are small and when they get wet, they begin to rust. Thermometer-style thermostats are the least accurate of all the different types, but they are also the most cost-effective.

Where is the best place to put your thermostat?

Thermostats are designed to be placed in a central location. You will get the best reading if you place it in the middle of the area you want to regulate.

Because of the small heat-sensing head, it is important to place the thermostat in an area where the temperature won't fluctuate much. This can be in the middle of a large cage or on a stand where it will be raised off the floor.

This placement is ideal because it is less likely to read temperatures that are higher than the desired temperature due to a heating lamp, for example, being too close to it.

If you are also using a sit-on-top thermometer, be sure to place it at the same height as the spot you are trying to read. Light color will help the sensor to read the temperatures most accurately.

What is a proportional thermostat?

The most basic element of a temperature regulating system is the thermostat. When you want to control the temperature of your reptile's habitat, a proportional thermostat is the easiest way for you to troubleshoot and adjust.

Your reptile's habitat can display long periods of cool temperatures but then spike abruptly in other areas. This is because the ambient temperature changes when you open and close the lid to your habitat.

Some of the best proportional thermostats allow you to set the force of the electric current independently, allowing for ideal temperatures for your snake or lizard. These thermostats are highly adjustable, accurate, and allow for a top-quality habitat, even at a high price.

If you are looking for a quality thermostat that can be set indefinitely, you should look at proportional thermostats that have memory instead of just heat sensing components.


At the end of our extensive research, we have concluded that the Ranavario Reptile Thermostat is the best thermostat for reptiles. It is made of thin, flexible material that is easy to attach to the side of tank using Velcro. Besides that, it has a thermostat that is highly sensitive to temperature. Since its design is thin and flexible, it can be easily bent down along the edge of the tank or up along the back.

Our Recommendation

Herpstat 2Best OverallHerpstat 2
BN-LINK Digital Heat Mat Thermostat ControllerBudget PickBN-LINK Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Controller
Vivarium Electronics VE-300 ThermostatUpgrade PickVivarium Electronics VE-300 Thermostat