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Do you own a pet tortoise? Do you have 10 minutes to spare? If so, you are in the right place. Today, I’ll show you the best food for your pet tortoise.

This guide is going to help you focus on the ideal diet, intake, and food requirements of your beloved tortoise. From there, you will get to know the various ingredients, food items, and products which you should avoid giving your tortoise as his daily rations.

What are the ingredients to be included in your tortoise’s diet plan?

You’d be surprised to know that it is possible to determine what ingredients are ideal for your tortoise’s diet based on his age, size, and overall health and well-being.

Of course, a diet is just one of the factors which you need to take into consideration when it comes to pet tortoise care.

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Zoo Med Gourmet Tortoise FoodBest OverallZoo Med Gourmet Tortoise Food

1. Zoo Med Gourmet Tortoise Food

Our rating: 9 / 10

Zoo Med Gourmet Tortoise Food

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  • With the first bite it’s obvious that Zoo Med’s food has a quality standard you’ll only find in the most expensive brands
  • Contain high-quality natural ingredients
  • Perfect for turtles and tortoises
  • No byproduct meal, no artificial growth hormones, no preservatives and no artificial colors
  • The first ingredient is brown rice which is a quality carbohydrate staple for your pet to survive on
  • Contains a blend of vegetables including squash, carrots, beets and sweet potatoes


  • The biggest complaint is that the foods are a bit messy and can go bad in a short amount of time
  • You will have to be diligent in keeping this food fresh

There are many foods available for tortoises and turtles but none are as popular as Zoo Med’s. This is considered by many to be the best tortoise food available anywhere.

The brand has been making pet foods for over forty years and always pays a lot of attention to the natural ingredients that their foods are made with.

Using animals byproducts isn’t something that will be found in this food and neither will be artificial colors or preservatives. The foods can also contain no artificial growth hormones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best food for tortoises?

Tortoises are essentially grazing animals so they should be fed as such if they are going to live a healthy life. Pet tortoise owners typically get the best results by supplementing their tortoise’s natural grazing habits with a variety of leafy greens.

Tortoises can be fed a variety of vegetables such as kale, collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens, dandelion greens, and other leafy greens. Since they are grazing animals, their needs should be met by foods that are packed with the nutrients they utilize best.

Eating dark, leafy greens is a great way to get vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients the tortoises need. As such, most tortoise owners choose to offer their pet live plants or/and cut and fed them fresh vegetables.

It is essential to be very selective when offering your tortoise fresh vegetables, because it can cause them to develop fatal diseases.

Should a tortoise eat everyday?

In the wild, tortoises eat six days a week and fast the seventh. This allows their body to go into a sort of resting mode and digest their food more efficiently. However, when a tortoise is a pet, you cannot allow them go long periods of time without any food. They can become too weak to move and can die.

Regardless of what you feed your pet, the best way to make sure they're getting enough food and not over or under-eating is by using a scale.

It is true that a tortoise will eat less when it gets too cold for him to bask, but this shouldn't keep him from getting enough food. Make sure that the temperatures are warm enough to allow him to bask at least part of the day and that he is still eating regularly.

What can tortoises eat list?

The list of foods tortoises can eat is not that long, so you will have to find a good commercial tortoise food that you can purchase from a pet food store. It is recommended that the trough contain 50-70% protein and the remaining amount is mixed with fiber.

So, here is our list of the best foods for tortoise in 2022:

What is the best food to feed a horsefield tortoise?

The horsefield tortoise is an omnivorous creature.

It will eat just about any plant in the wild, including many that are poisonous to other animals. However, this does not mean that you should fill your tortoise’s bowl with any old leaves.

In captivity, you will need to be extremely careful to ensure your tortoise gets only high-quality foods and plenty of vitamins and minerals.

If your horsefield tortoise is young, its diet will consist of nearly 60% of the time of day on a complex leafy green vegetable. The remaining 40% will be made up of gourmet tortoise pellets, grown grasses, fruits, and insects.

Its diet should also be supplemented by other foods that provide vitamins, minerals, and protein, such as dark leafy greens and vegetables, mushrooms or insects.


Choosing the best food for tortoises can be quite a difficult task and before doing so you need to make sure that you know what exactly to look for. In this comprehensive guide, I will be walking you through the best tortoise food, the right nutrition tortoises need to be healthy, and tips for getting the recommended nutrients in your tortoise's favorite food. If you'd like to know more about how to catch, take care of, and feed tortoises in the future, this guide is the place to start!

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Zoo Med Gourmet Tortoise FoodBest OverallZoo Med Gourmet Tortoise Food